Thank God I’m Not 25 Anymore! 5 reasons to celebrate coming of age

Thank God I’m Not 25 Anymore! 5 reasons to celebrate coming of age

In honor of my 52nd year, here’s why coming of age is worth celebrating:



People ask what you think and actually listen when you tell them. 



You can and do laugh out loud about all the stuff you swore you’d never do or say to your kids. 



You realize life is so much more fun when you’re not concerned about waxing your forearms.



You see the irony in thinking everyone is laughing at you when you discover no one is even thinking about you.



You actually have your sandwiches with bread.





Sherry Boykin

Sherry Boykin, the founder of Faith and Tales, is a storyteller and chronic believer in the power of faith narratives to change lives. She uses biblical and personal accounts to help women move beyond their obstacles, glean fresh perspectives on life, and to live differently as a result. Her experiences in urban and suburban ministries, Peruvian Amazon jungle missions, long-term singleness, marriage and family, and men's dorm-living shape her life and provide a colorful backdrop from which to share the Word of God. Sherry is the author of But-Kickers: Growing Your Faith Bigger Than Your But and she has been interviewed for articles in Time, The New York Times, and Better Homes and Gardens.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sherry! Fifty-something somehow slips up on us . . . and maybe not taking ourselves so seriously is one of the perks. Love your sense of humor!

  2. Sherry Boykin

    Thanks, Sarah; birthdays are fun! When I hear people complaining about being another year older, I wonder if they’d prefer the alternative!

    1. Sherry Boykin

      And who says red hats don’t match purple dresses, anyway?

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