10 Confessions from 2013: Why not get some things off your chest?

10 Confessions from 2013: Why not get some things off your chest?

In the spirit of coming clean and starting the new year off with a blank slate, here are 10 confessions of mine from 2013:



I ate a chocolate bunny from my daughter’s Easter basket, then replaced it with a smaller one I bought at the 75% off sale at CVS before she realized her bunny was gone.



I did the same thing again at Halloween, only I haven’t replaced it . . . yet.



I quit Weight Watchers because I thought I could do the program better on my own.



I made three trips to my 7-year-old’s elementary school, on three separate days, to apologize to her for biting her head off when she acted like a second-grader. Then I realized I needed more sleep.



I drank Kombucha twice—and liked it!



I tried to verbally offend a TSA agent in Nashville for searching my HAIR after I had already been x-rayed and scanned with a metal detector (Give a Sistah a Break!).



I did it again in Asheville when an agent confiscated my Vaseline because it was “technically a liquid.”



I refused to even attempt 7 edible, unique, organic, low-cost, low sodium, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, non-raw, meals per week when my husband went through a brief, but extreme health craze. Now we’re just mildly extreme.



I left my husband at home and car-less twice on Sunday mornings when he wasn’t ready to leave for church on time.



Then I got angry when he wouldn’t do the same thing to me when I purposefully took my time getting ready on one of those days when staying home seemed like the most I could do.



Whew! I feel better.



Feel free to share a couple of yours.

Sherry Boykin

Sherry Boykin, the founder of Faith and Tales, is a storyteller and chronic believer in the power of faith narratives to change lives. She uses biblical and personal accounts to help women move beyond their obstacles, glean fresh perspectives on life, and to live differently as a result. Her experiences in urban and suburban ministries, Peruvian Amazon jungle missions, long-term singleness, marriage and family, and men's dorm-living shape her life and provide a colorful backdrop from which to share the Word of God. Sherry is the author of But-Kickers: Growing Your Faith Bigger Than Your But and she has been interviewed for articles in Time, The New York Times, and Better Homes and Gardens.

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  1. I’ve done these… this makes me cry. Sometimes I feel like the worse person in the world. How could I do this or think that. Thank you for sharing this Sherry!

    1. Sherry Boykin

      You’re very welcome, Jeannette, but please know that you are not the worst person in the world; you’re just human. The worst person in the world thinks s/he is absolutely fine, and has no perceived need for Christ or community.

  2. I love your list because I can relate. I’d like to write a list like this for you, BUT I can’t remember the things I’ve done! With encroaching age, every day is a new day! What did I do yesterday?

    1. Sherry Boykin

      Fortunately or unfortunately, at least a couple of people are anxious to remind me of mine every single day–whether I like it or not!

  3. Read this to my friends. We all had a good laugh. It’s good to not take ourselves too seriously!

    1. Sherry Boykin

      Some things you just HAVE to laugh about.

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