Sometimes things are so bad the only choice you have is to do something crazy.  And it works.

Audio Recording includes three parts:

Hope Beyond the Past: Then and Now (1:03:07)

Hope Beyond Reason: Believing the Unbelievable (48:37)

Hope Beyond the Present: Great Epilogues (37:14)



What would it take for you to ask for what you really want?

Audio recording includes two parts which intermingle the riveting stories of how a missionary lost in the Amazon jungle is pushed to ask for what seems impossible, and how the providential life circumstances of the Old Testament daughters of Zelophehad cause them to take a stand that changes their lives and the course of history as well. 

Lost in the Jungle (23:21)

Five Brave Daughters (36:26)



What happens when God gives you a gift you do not want? Do you accept it in quiet humility pretending to love the gift you hate?

Audio file (46:08)



“In-your-face truth seasoned with humor” ~ Amazon customer

Digital edition, 164 pages