Get started on the journey from where you are to where you're designed to be!

We will use a Christian faith-based story approach in all options we offer below.

Are you more of a visionary, a server, or a challenger? A seeker of silver linings, a maker of history, or a legacy leaver? Find out by taking our quiz below and uncover ways you may be uniquely designed to wow the world!

Designed For More

Join a group with the energy of like-minded women who know they were made for more.

Over an 8-week  period, we’ll work together to move forward in our relationships with God, people, and money, on identity & image, and on confidence, bravery, forgiveness, and mindset–all necessary dynamics to cover for what God is calling you to next. Are you about to change your marital status? Beginning a new ministry? Parenting teens? Launching a business? To thrive in any of those endeavors, you’ll want to start here.

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Personal "SPA" Experience

Identity & image, confidence, bravery, forgiveness, and mindset are among the topics we’ll discuss in this 6-week, one-on-one program. Get your own personal Specific Plan of Action to move forward in your life.


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