SHERRY BOYKIN DOWNLOADABLE LOW RESOLUTION IMAGE 1“But I could never do anything like that!”  “But that never happens!” “But what if I fail–then what?”

Ever use any of those as your default response to something extraordinary?


I do that sometimes, too.


Then God reminds me that he specializes in the extraordinary, the impossible, the unheard of, and the unimaginable.  And I believe he loves it when we share stories of how he has given victory, mended wounds, and just done the unbelievable so that others are encouraged to trust him, too.


Today I am a storyteller, an author, and a speaker for ladies’ retreats, Bible Conferences, and events. My ministry and book, But-Kickers: Growing Your Faith Bigger Than Your “BUT,” helps women rise above the “buts” and doubts of life, and to believe God for the otherwise unbelievable.

Here’s how it all began:


Growing up in New York City I enjoyed Manhattan, theater, baton-twirling, and school. I remember how Broadway productions like Fiddler on the Roof and Raisin made me want to shout, how dropping my baton and then recovering it during a performance gave me confidence, and how my annual cry-fests on the last day of school taught me that good education was mostly non-academic.


I’ve always loved the unique richness of NYC as the backdrop of my story, and so if you know what skelly, johnny pumps, knishes, and egg creams are, we should probably talk!



Grau, Upper Amazon, Peru
Grau, Upper Amazon, Peru

I spent my summers at YMCA Camp Talcott in Huguenot, NY. Pitching tents, horseback riding, and the comfort of water turned out to be useful skills for me when, after studying in Syracuse, Indianapolis and Costa Rica, I settled into several years of missionary life in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. God doesn’t waste a single thing in our lives!


Ted and Sherry Boykin tie the knot[1]After 20 years of dating characters, an airline bankruptcy resulting in a half-blind date with me dressed up in my mother’s clothes landed me in a relationship with Ted, the grace-aholic. We married in 2000 and began the adventure of dorm-parenting undergraduate men and campus ministry. We spend a lot of time with hook-ups, break-ups, re-hook-ups, wing-eating, hospital transporting, relationship-building, premarital counseling, and anything else you can do while eating pizza at midnight.

Xmas 2006 to Feb 07 015Five years later the Lord gave us a beautiful baby girl (after an illness that  supposedly left me unable to conceive). She was the only baby born to a first-time mom at our local hospital with a waiting room full of the expectant mom’s “sons.”







Sherry, Ted, and Kaki






I love to speak and write about those gems God gives in his Word and in real life that nudge us on to bigger faith and fewer “buts.”



I once spent the night on a boat in a leper colony.

In 2015 God redefined the Super Bowl for me by causing my oven to literally implode! And since it happened around 6am on Super Bowl morning and sprinkled 10 pounds of chicken wings with broken glass, we had to get help. We found that one of our dorm sons knew how to operate the deep fryers in our campus eatery, so for the first time in umpteen years, my definition of Supe0r Bowl Sunday did not involve wrestling with 70 pounds of wings for our dorm’s Super Bowl party!


Just Plain Sweet

 My husband thinks I’m a superhero.

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