SHERRY BOYKIN DOWNLOADABLE LOW RESOLUTION IMAGE 1“I just can’t seem to make any sense of what’s going on in my life.” “Things are so bad right now the only choice I have is to do something crazy.” “Why should I have to pay a penalty for something that was not my fault?” 

Have you ever said or thought anything like that?

I’m Sherry Boykin and I know I certainly have. 

Then I’m reminded that every win and every loss, every celebration and disappointment, every delay and bend in the road is divinely designed to be part of a bigger picture–both in my life and in the world around me. That reminding usually comes by way of story and I glean a whole new perspective of what’s going on. God wants us to do all we can to share stories of how he has given victory, mended wounds, or just done the unbelievable so that others are encouraged to trust him, too. 


Today I am a storyteller and a chronic believer in the power of faith narratives to change lives. You can find out more of the why behind that in my book, But-Kickers: Growing Your Faith Bigger Than Your BUT, and you can also find some of my stories by following the links below. And since you’re here on this page, I’m guessing you may be one of those spoken of in Psalm 107:2 ~ “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story . . . ” You’ve come to just the right place for help in starting a storytelling ministry or business!

So, storytelling is my thing, and here’s how it all started for me:


Growing up in New York City I enjoyed Manhattan, theater, baton-twirling, and school. I remember how Broadway productions like Fiddler on the Roof and Raisin made me want to shout, how dropping my baton and then recovering it during a performance gave me confidence, and how my annual cry-fests on the last day of school taught me that good education was mostly non-academic.


I’ve always loved the unique richness of NYC as the backdrop of my story, and so if you know what skelly, johnny pumps, knishes, and egg creams are, we should probably talk!



Grau, Upper Amazon, Peru
Grau, Upper Amazon, Peru


I spent my summers at camp in upstate New York. Pitching tents, horseback riding, and the serenity of water turned out to be useful skills for me when, after studying in Syracuse, Indianapolis and Costa Rica, I settled into several years of missionary life in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. God doesn’t waste a single thing in our lives!



Ted and Sherry Boykin tie the knot[1]After 20 years of dating unusual men (including a Nigerian prince who proposed by asking, “Will you be my first wife?”), colleagues with whom I served as a missionary to the Peruvian Amazon jungle, asked if they could give my mailing address to a Pennsylvania man who worked as a professor at Baptist Bible College. First I said no, then I said yes, and then . . . an emergency trip from the Amazon to the U.S. and an airline bankruptcy resulting in a half-blind date with me dressed up in my mother’s clothes landed me in a relationship with Ted, the grace-aholic. We got to know each other trans-continentally–Northeast PA to Peruvian Amazon mostly by letters until I returned to the U.S.  about nine months after that first date. We were engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2000, married that June, and began the adventure of dorm-parenting undergraduate men and campus ministry. We spend a lot of time with college kids falling in love, breaking up, falling in love again, wing-eating, hospital transporting, relationship-building, and anything else you can do while eating pizza at midnight . . . and I became an inspirational storyteller (because what else was I supposed to do with all the crazy in my life?)

Xmas 2006 to Feb 07 015Five years after we married, the Lord gave us a beautiful baby girl (after an illness that supposedly left me unable to conceive). She was the only baby born to a first-time mom at our local hospital with a waiting room full of the expectant mom’s “sons.”




Sherry Boykin, Emcee, Spruce Lake Camp Women’s Retreat, PA
Sherry Boykin emcees Spruce Lake Camp Women’s Retreat, PA








I love to speak and write about those narratives God gives in his Word and in our personal lives that nudge us on to trust him more . . .  and I’d love to help you to do that, too.



I once spent the night on a boat in a leper colony.


Just Plain Sweet

 My husband thinks I’m a superhero.

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