You are One Story Away from the Perspective Shift that Will Change Your Life Forever

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Christian women transform their lives through the perspective-shifting power of story. 

What We Offer

Be the woman who knows she is designed for more

If you’re a serial Sunday school girl who thinks: I want more, you are not alone.

What if you could be freed from that one thing that has been an obstacle to you for so long? 

What if you had a fresh, new outlook on your present situation? What if you had the community and accountability of a group to help you pause every day and pay attention to what is happening in your life?  That’s what we offer in The Selah Circle, a free membership group for Christian women.

The answers to what you’re dealing with and the know-how & encouragement to move forward from where you are today are found in God’s Word, in prayer, in contemporary stories of faith and in healthy community.

We can help you . . . and you can be confident that what we offer you will be from the very best source.


Are you a woman who wishes you could talk to someone one-on-one about your journey to restoration from abuse? Your forgiveness issues? Your fear? Your bad relationship choices? Your personal identity & self-image? Your overall spiritual life? 

Sherry Boykin will major on your individual strengths and areas for improvement and will work with you to develop, implement and practice your personal Specific Plan of Action to overcome obstacles and move forward in your life. 


Sherry's Conversation Starter

Are you tired of squeezing a size twelve “but” into a size five faith? It’s time to take aim at that “but” and kick it!

You’ll see that the changed perspective offered by the Word of God is key to handling your real-life dilemmas. You may even find yourself craving a steady diet of boiled fish and gruel, hoping you’re dared to jump into a raging fire, or wishing your significant other would call you ugly. 

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Online courses with a faith-based, story approach

For female survivors of abuse and the non-clinicians who want to help them: This private, online, faith-based format is for you.

This is not clinical nor is it a replacement for therapy. This is a tool designed to help women survivors of abuse get unstuck and to gain a healthy perspective shift from which healing comes much more easily. 

This online course is for women who know they were made for more but are not quite sure how to make that happen. 

Starting with the Old Testament story of the Shunammite woman, this course teaches the importance of mindset, inspired response, and epilogues in the unfolding of the Christian woman’s life and her desire to be exactly who, what, and where she is designed to be. 

What We Use


Biblical Narratives

to give foundation, perspective and clarity in areas where we need healing, direction, and victory.


Personal Stories

to show what the unfolding of God's plan looks like in contemporary, everyday life.


Mindset Training and Implementation

to maximize timeless takeaways in God's Word by changing thinking patterns and habits and by taking specific actions regarding any goals or plans you have.

What Others Say

Val Wohner

Director of Women's Ministries

“The ministry [Sherry] gave us was priceless. Awesome such as I never experienced before.”

Sharonda Ozmon

Event Organizer, MOPS, Moms of Preschoolers


“Sherry is gifted at making Bible stories applicable to modern-day times.”

Jo Ann Walczak

Author, editor, teacher


“She is a master of paradigm, viewing life in a new and intriguing way but maintaining faithfulness to God’s Word and her walk with Him.”

Yvonne Ortega

Counselor, author, speaker


“Her transparency and down-to-earth faith in the trenches are refreshing.”