Are you the same woman today that you were 5 years ago?

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A Cheat Sheet for Everyday Life

Lots of talk lately about owning your story and sharing it–but what should you do when you get stuck? To be stuck in your story is to be so hyper-focused on your devastation or disappointment that you think of that as normal and deny any good that might ever possibly come from it.

But in the unfolding of your epilogue, loose ends in your story are tied together and perspectives are changed. As women of faith, the crucial point here is to live as if those loose ends are already tied together, as if God’s reasoning for what you’ve experienced has already taken residence in your heart–now, before it has presented as reality. So then, the heart of what we do is help you live in your epilogue–not only in waiting for it to unfold, but in knowing that it will.

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Have kids? It’s never too early to help them remember what God has done . . . on purpose! Here’s a great idea for helping them look for God’s hand in the unfolding of their stories!

Online courses with a faith-based, story approach

Do you know someone struggling through the ravaging effects of abuse in her past? Are you frustrated or tongue-tied because you want to help her but don’t know how?

This first course in our HemTouchers series is for the laywoman compelled to help another woman through her journey to restoration from sexual abuse. It is a faith-based, story approach to healing that will help you to help her.

This is not clinical nor is it a replacement for therapy. This is a tool designed to help a woman with abuse in her past to get unstuck and to gain a healthy perspective shift from which healing comes much more easily. 

This online course for women uses a faith-based story approach to maximizing your faith.

Starting with the Old Testament story of the Shunammite woman, this course teaches the importance of mindset, inspired response, and epilogues in the unfolding of the Christian woman’s life and her desire to be exactly who, what, and where she is designed to be. 

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