“You’re a nice girl, but . . . “  Sherry Boykin speaks on “Mr. Wonderful.” Listen closely, because Sherry drops a real BUT-KICKER AT 1:49! 


Sherry Boykin speaks on Mr. Wonderful


Sherry Boykin Speaks on Why It Took So Long to Find a Husband
Sherry Boykin speaks on Why It Took So Long to Find a Husband

“God, if I serve you faithfully every single day, then why can’t I have what I want?” Hear Sherry share God’s surprising response to this question–a response that left her speechless. Could this be true for you, too?


Sherry Boykin Speaks on Why It Took So Long to Find a Husband










Hear Sherry speak on Marriage & Family: What’s So Great About Expectations on BlogTalk Radio’s, “The Voice of Hope,” 2/28/2014






Women Worth Remembering  The “wild” in the women of Hebrews 11–the charge to remember an old woman, a woman in hiding, a harlot, and two desperados (Appropriate for women and older teens; presented in four 60-minute sessions). 



How to Get 17 Gallons of Gas into Your 16-Gallon Tank  When God calls you to surpass the limits of your faith or to do the unthinkable . . . then what?–a look at Mary, Job’s Wife, and Jephthah’s Daughter  (Appropriate for women and teens; presented in three 60-minute sessions).



Other Sheep  True stories from Sherry’s years in the Peruvian Amazon jungle that showcase the truth of God’s Word, the prevalence of His Work, and the moving of His Hand in the most unusual ways  (Appropriate for women, teens and missions conferences; presented in two to four 60-minute sessions).



Radical Writing An interactive writing retreat–learn to tap into and express your unique thoughts in a way that pushes ordinary people to extreme faith (Appropriate for women or teens–separate programs for each. Presented in two to four 60-minute sessions. Works best when participants are allotted time to write).



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So, You Married Him Anyway?  What to do when you’re in covenant with someone whose name is “Stupid”–Abigail’s Story (Appropriate for women; presented in one 60-minute session).



What’s So Great About Expectations?  Expectations in marriage and in life–the saga of David and Michal (Appropriate for women and teens; presented in one 60-minute session).



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What Happens in Jericho Stays in Jericho  Why it’s okay that Rahab was more than just an innkeeper, and what your affair, abortion, or salacious photos may have to do with God’s ultimate plan–Rahab’s story, grace and righteousness  (Appropriate for women and teens; presented in one 60-minute session).



Hold the Salt . . . Please!   A tongue-lashing on overbearing righteousness versus overwhelming grace–what Matthew 5 and Luke 15 say about why too much salt could be harmful to you (Appropriate for women; presented in two 60-minute sessions).



Get Up, Get Dressed, Get OUT!  Saying no to depression, lies, and toxic relationships–a look at Leah, Peninnah, and the true meaning of sad (Appropriate for women and older teens; presented in two 60-minute sessions).


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