Wish you could talk to someone one-on-one about your forgiveness issues? Your fear? Your bad relationship choices? Your lack of relationship? Your procrastination? Your personal identity & self-image? Your overall spiritual life? In this mentoring program with Sherry Boykin, you will have the opportunity to major on your individual strengths and areas for improvement and to develop, implement and  practice your personal Specific Plan of Action to overcome obstacles and move forward in your life. 

Sherry is committed to using wisdom and insights she has gleaned  from biblical narratives while walking with the Lord for 40 years. She will also make good use of practical, actionable exercises designed to help you integrate lasting changes in your life experience and walk of faith.  

Sherry is a married woman of 22 years,  a mom to a teenage daughter, a former missionary to the Peruvian Amazon jungle, a survivor of chronic illness and abuse, a Bible teacher in inner-city and suburban ministries, and a mentor to women of various ages and cultural backgrounds. 

Through all this, she has had experiences that would curl your hair and has learned the essential art and wisdom of shifting perspectives. And that, she will excitedly share with you.

In this 3-month program you will learn:

  • The “why” behind any doubt and/or fear you are currently experiencing and what you can do to reverse it all.

  • How to pay attention to what is going on in your everyday life as a gateway to understanding what God is teaching you.

  • How to recognize strongholds in your life that do not serve you and how to break them down.

  • How to live intentionally.

  • How to face your fears and conquer them.

  • How to exercise forgiveness towards your most difficult person and what to do next once you have.

  • Why it is so hard for you to believe or trust God for anything more than your salvation and what you can do to change that.

  • Who God made you to be, what that means for you and all those He providentially puts in your path. 

*Please note: This is a mentoring program and is not a replacement for therapy.

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