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Some People Turn Out to Be Way Different Than You Think

My family were a little worried when they first met B. He had just been at a carwash because he had hit a deer…an ALREADY DEAD deer on his way to their house. And he had hit the deer because he was crying. And he was crying because he had just heard a sad story on his car radio. . . STRIKE ONE!
Then my uncle mentioned seeing something on our gift registry called a sound oasis. I said he must have been mistaken because I didn’t know what a sound oasis was. B interrupted saying he had added that to our registry himself . . . AND that he had also added a number of interesting little kitchen items he would love to have when he’s cooking. My uncle was surprised that B was into things like sound oases and Ginsu knives. I think he would have preferred to hear B talk about sports . . . STRIKE TWO
Then B got carried away talking about how he loved, Loved, LOVED to go shopping and how he could just make an entire day of it . . . STRIKE THR —well, not really, but you understand where this is going.
My family were surprised to hear of B’s extremely domestic side that day, but here’s what they and we didn’t know at that time: 
Just a few months from then I would be dangerously ill to the point of intermittently losing my eyesight, manual dexterity, and my ability to walk. Yes, many new friends came to the rescue with whatever they could to help us as a newlywed couple, but I still REALLY needed a man who could find his way around a kitchen and a laundry room without a GPS.
God knew what was ahead and He knew exactly the kind of man to give me.
So if your mate has some weird little quirky thing that no one might have guessed was true about him, JUST WAIT and see what unfolds in your life that makes that quirk the most perfect thing imaginable.

Sherry Boykin

Sherry Boykin helps Christian women transform their lives through the perspective-shifting power of story.

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