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The Tamani house where I lived in Grau, Upper Amazon, Peru

What Do You Know About God that He Has Never Told You in His Word?

In our first six months of marriage my husband never actually told me he hated it when I spent so much time getting our place together to host someone that I was too exhausted to enjoy their visit.  Instead, he opted to wait until we were packed and well on our way to Santiago, Chile to tell me someone would be staying in our apartment for the entire two weeks we would be gone.  He’s changed a lot since then, but occasionally slips into that haze that makes him assume other people’s level of comfort with squeaky toys and Cheerios on the sofa is the same as ours.  Living with him and sharing life have made me aware of this tidbit of his character profile, and have made me a little less likely to serve up a piece of my mind for dinner at night.  It’s all about relationship.

Walking with Christ has likewise opened my eyes to aspects of His character that I may not have known otherwise.  I know for instance, that He likes to wink at me.  Yes, wink at me.

Years ago on a typically dark night in the Peruvian Amazon, though I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, I noticed the sky was especially clear and bright.  I was amazed at the sheer beauty and expanse of what lay overhead, and I said so out loud to God.  A moment later, one of the stars suddenly shone brighter than all the rest as it shimmied its way apart from the others, then back again.  It was as if God Himself winked at me and said, “Oh, if you like that, you haven’t seen anything yet!”  He knew exactly how to lift my heart.  It’s all about relationship.

What do you know about God that He hasn’t actually said in His Word?

I’d love to hear your insights.  Click “comments” below, and share your story.

Sherry Boykin

Sherry Boykin helps Christian women transform their lives through the perspective-shifting power of story.

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  1. Jill

    Hi Sherry! I love that you have a blog! Your story about the star is so great. I do agree that so often God will do stuff like that for us if we just listen and look, and ask Him.
    Okay, here is my story…a few months ago I was out for a walk by the lake in the rain. I saw the sun peek through the clouds for a bit, and I asked God for a rainbow. I looked and looked, but I didn’t see anything.
    I got back to my van, and I had a flat tire. I was a little frustrated, but soon help was on the way, (thank you cell phones, and a wonderful husband), and I was just waiting now. For probably another half hour I waited, looking out over the lake. Then it came. The HUGE rainbow that I would have missed if the tire hadn’t been flat. The one that stretched across the horizon with His beauty.

    1. Sherry

      Jill, that’s amazing! He does have a way of slowing us down, doesh’t He? Thank you . . .

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