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God Can Use Anything to Put You On Someone Else’s Heart


It might just be your name . . .


When I arrived on campus for my first semester of Bible college, a wild car accident had left me with a brace on my neck, a cast on my face, a triple-totaled car, and two empty pockets. I had to work a while before I got paid, so on my first trip to the grocery store, I had to choose between the stuff that goes inside a sandwich and the sandwich bread itself.

Then one day, during a break between classes, I checked the mail and found this letter from West Stewartstown, New Hampshire sitting alone in my box. I didn’t know anyone in New Hampshire, but any mail is good mail when you’re a college student, so I dug right into it. My chin kissed my chest when I opened that round letter and fifty dollars in cash fell out to my feet. Fifty dollars was GOLD in those days.

The money was from a woman who had heard someone share my testimony and the story of what had happened on my way to school. She had similar hard times in college and decided she wanted to help.

Fifteen years later, long after I had graduated college, served as a missionary, and gotten married, I was introduced to a woman at a friend’s wedding. She said she had once lived in West Stewartstown, New Hampshire. I said, “Oh, my goodness–I bet I already know your name.” And yes, sure enough . . . We talked and “caught up” a bit. And when I asked what ultimately made her gift me the way she had when I was a needy college student, she said she couldn’t resist doing so because my name was the same as hers–Sherry (spelled “Cherie”). And although we didn’t know each other, and although we came from completely different backgrounds, she felt a kindred spirit and she knew she could help me. . .


Yes, God will use anything or anybody in any way He chooses to put you on someone else’s heart. 


Sherry Boykin

Sherry Boykin helps Christian women transform their lives through the perspective-shifting power of story.

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