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Why I’m Still Married, Part II

Remember yesterday when I told you about my right-bran-thinking/left-brain-talking husband with those “uncomfortably long pauses” between awkward statements and heartfelt, fuzzy words? Well, what I didn’t mention was that those long pauses often extend past his speech and into his physical reactions to things.

Case in point: A couple of hours ago I was heading into a classroom to teach a class, and I saw my husband down the hallway walking and talking with one of his students. I perked up and waved at him like a ten year-old.

No reaction.

I waved a second time when I was sure he saw me, only this time I waved much more fervently.

Still no reaction.

My old friend, “Benefit of the Doubt” kicked in.

What’s his problem? I know he’s legally blind, but with glasses his sight is corrected to eagle vision quickly gave in to I don’t get this, but I’m guessing there’s some reasonable explanation for it.

I went into the classroom, literally pictured myself taking this bothersome little issue and throwing it in the trash, and then greeted my class.

A minute or two later, my husband walked in the classroom, and gave me a big hug and kiss. He said he was praying for me because he knew from our conversation this morning that I felt nervous and somewhat anxious about teaching today.

So why didn’t he wave back?


Who knows? But I’ll take a hug and a kiss over a wave anytime.


Sherry Boykin

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