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A Sweet Love Story – Two thumbs up!

Wow! Just gotta smile at a great love story. You’ve been hearing a lot today about the late Roger Ebert–journalist and  film critic famous for his thumbs up or thumbs down take on movies.

I wonder if the best love story he ever had the pleasure of reporting was his own. In her article for omg! on Yahoo, “Who was the Love of Roger Ebert’s Life?”,  (4/4/13), Lizbeth Scordo pulls an entry from Ebert’s blog  in the Chicago Sun Times, posted last summer on his 20th wedding anniversary. Here’s how he described falling in love with his wife, Chaz, who caused him to give up bachelorhood for the first time at age 50:

“Her love letters were poetic, idealistic, and often passionate . . . I responded as a man and a lover. As a newspaperman, I observed she never, ever made a copy-reading error.” (Read Lizbeth Scordo’s article in its entirety).


Yep–you heard it right: What’s one sure way to get a man? Flawless emails. If you’re a writer, you probably can’t hear yourself think over your heartbeat right now.  But even if you’re not a writer, I hope you see how individualistic love can be . . .

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