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Thankful I Didn’t Have the Last Word: Are You? A Thanksgiving Confession

Not that I want to be muzzled like an ox, or that I harbor some secret desire to be bound and gagged, but there’s something I just have to confess.

Left to myself, I do not make good choices, nor do I end things well. And on more than one occasion I’ve realized that if not for divine interventions in my life I’d be a cat-hoarding, clinically-depressed recluse trying to figure out the coulda-shoulda-woulda’s of life while in hiding to avoid prosecution for killing someone and burying him under my floorboards.

It’s those dumb choices I made or tried to make that would have driven me there.

But God said no, and led me another way instead.

So in honor of Thanksgiving 2013, here are 3 things that defy reason, and for which there is no other explanation except that God didn’t let ME have the last the word–simply because he knew what I didn’t know:

He didn’t let me marry a guy who seemed like the perfect dreamboat, but who eventually told me I was too ugly to go out with him. Read the story of  Mr. Wonderful and let me know what you think.

He didn’t let me give up trying to get well when I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and told I would never be able to have a baby.

He didn’t let me go on a spiritual retreat with a friendly family I had met in the Peruvian jungle. They turned out to be a cult group known for making human sacrifices.

Thank GOD I didn’t have the last word!

How about you?

Sherry Boykin

Sherry Boykin helps Christian women transform their lives through the perspective-shifting power of story.

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    1. Sherry Boykin

      What’s even crazier, Cindy, is how completely oblivious I was to the danger I was in in the midst of it all.

  1. jennifer murley

    I agree..Don’t know where I would be without God making the decisions in my life.

    1. Sherry Boykin

      I’m just embarrassed for how long it took me to get to that realization, Jen.

  2. They say “Hind-sight is always 20/20.” So glad God’s sight is 20/20 before the fact. Thanks for sharing your blessings!

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